AfterCare Monthly

AfterCare Monthly


Inflammatory conditions and auto-immune damage surround the current weapon. Our answer is Essiac tea and our 3 Lightnings Mushroom blend of Reishi/Cordyceps/Turkey tail medicinal mushrooms to help kidneys, liver, lungs, cardiovascular and all body systems stay clear and at their peak. One gallon of Essiac tea mix, 1 bottle of potent mushroom extract and 2 quarts Collidal Silver. Free shipping.

**Caution! Mushrooms interact with numerous Pharmaceutical drugs and are as potent or more potent than diabetic, heart and respiratory medications! Many people use our protocols as substitutes for pharmaceutical drugs.

IF you are taking blood thinners, diabetic medications that lower blood sugar or cardiac medications, please consult us or your Integrated or Natural health provider to obtain a protocol for you

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